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“name”: “Fazeley Pharmacy Travel Clinic”,
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“url”: “https://www.thetravelhealthclinic.co.uk/branch/fazeley-travel-clinic/”,
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“address”: {
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“streetAddress”: “11 Coleshill Street”,
“addressLocality”: “Fazeley, Tamworth”,
“postalCode”: “B78 3RB”,
“addressCountry”: “GB”
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“@type”: “GeoCoordinates”,
“latitude”: 52.6141921,
“longitude”: -1.6988186
“openingHoursSpecification”: [{
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“dayOfWeek”: [
“opens”: “09:00”,
“closes”: “18:00”
“@type”: “OpeningHoursSpecification”,
“dayOfWeek”: “Saturday”,
“opens”: “09:00”,
“closes”: “14:00”

Fazeley Pharmacy Travel Clinic

travel clinic tamworth

Welcome to Fazeley Travel Clinic, Tamworth

We’re here to make your travel vaccination process simple. Because when it comes to travel, you want to enjoy it – not worry about your health.

Our team of clinical professionals:

– Advise on all your travel health needs

– Administer a comprehensive range of vaccines

– Treat you with dignity and compassion

It’s important to get travel vaccines at least 4 to 6 weeks before travelling. This gives vaccines time to begin working, protecting you whilst you’re travelling. It’s especially important if your vaccination has multiple doses.

Book an appointment

Book an appointment and use the booking calendar to make an appointment that suits you. We offer a wide range of vaccinations for many popular travel destinations. If you’re in any doubt, our expert team can answer your questions. Call or email the team, using the information on this page.


Vaccination prices vary. See our full list of vaccinations and prices.

Heritage of this Travel Clinic

This Travel Clinic in Tamworth is part of Shiraz & Sons. We’re a local, family-owned group of community pharmacies. Based in Coventry, Birmingham, Tamworth, and Poole. The company was founded on professionalism, compassion and patient-centered care.

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