December 18, 2020

COVID Antibody Testing in Kidderminster

Many people have been infected with the coronavirus but have had little to no symptoms. Our COVID-19 antibody test works to identify possible antibodies produced by your body after you have recovered from the virus. If you are looking for COVID-19 Antibody testing in Kidderminster, our team have got you covered.


covid antibody test kidderminster


Why have the antibody test?

When you are infected with a virus, your body develops antibodies as a defense mechanism. These antibodies are unique for each virus so tests can be developed which are specific to a particular virus. If you are looking to get COVID-19 Antibody testing in Kidderminster then look no further than The Travel Health Clinic.

Your body develops several different types of antibodies, including IgG. The IgG antibodies will start to develop as soon as you begin to recover from the virus. These will remain in the blood for an extended period of time. The COVID-19 antibody test works to analyse your blood for the presence of these virus-specific IgG antibodies. The presence of these antibodies indicates that at some point you have been infected with the COVID-19 virus and have recovered. This can be reassuring as it will give you the peace of mind knowing that you have in fact had the virus and have fought it off adequately.


How we carry out the test

We take a sample of your blood from the tip of your finger using a lancet. This blood is then analysed in store, cutting out the need to send samples to the labs and ensuring rapid results.

Our COVID-19 antibody test does not detect active COVID-19 infections. An active infection is tested using a PCR viral test and is the one that some countries require for travel. This test is also available from our clinic.



We ask all our patients not to attend our clinic until at least 28 days after any symptoms have ceased. This is to allow IgG antibodies to build up in your blood so we can give you the most reliable test results and to ensure you are not at risk of passing the virus on.

Please note: There is currently no evidence that the presence of COVID-19 antibodies confers you increased resistance from catching the virus again or from passing it on to others.


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