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Had a positive Covid-19 test within the last 6 months (and have now recovered) – you can travel unvaccinated to many locations.

Get your certificate within 90 minutes, for only £49.99.

Simple: No need for appointments, 5-minute online application process.

Fast: You get your Certificate in just 90 minutes, by email.

All-In: No matter your vaccination status, both adults and kids over age 5.

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– Upon appropriate evidence submission, you get your Certificate within 90 minutes
– It’s acceptable by many countries upon entry (check updated requirements for your destination before you buy)
– The Certificates are signed by GMC registered doctors
– Easy application – 5 minute contact-free form
– You don’t need to book an appointment – start now


– You are eligible if you’ve fully recovered from Covid-19 in the last 6 months
– You are above the age of 5 (If you are under the age of 18 a Parent/Guardian must complete the form)
– Any vaccination status

What you’ll need

– Your positive Covid-19 Test date
– A screenshot, PDF, or photo showing the results of your positive test
– Passport Number (optional)
– Debit/Credit Card

How it Works

Covid Recovery Certificates - How it Works

1. Provide Proof of a positive test


Look for proof of your latest positive test (Should be within the past 6 months & not within the past 10 days). Lateral flow tests need to be registered with the NHS app before applying. Your passport number should be readily available in case you’d like to include it on your certificate.

2. Submit the online form


Use our easy online form to submit your application including all your information. It only takes a few minutes, no need to talk to anyone and no appointment is required.

3. Review your certificate


After you submit your form, our doctor will review it. If all is well, you can expect to get your Certificate via email within 90 minutes.

Certificate Of Recovery From Covid-19

Currently, some countries accept certificates that confirm COVID-19 recovery (within the past 180 days) before being allowed entry.

Our GPs can do the assessment as well as provide a COVID-19 recovery certificate where appropriate. They can issue the certificate not less than 10 days after the first positive RT-PCR test.


Frequently Asked Questions:

A COVID-19 recovery certificate confirms that you’ve contracted COVID-19 before but have so far recovered, and you may have developed natural immunity to fight off re-infection.

A Covid Test Certificate is a document that shows whether you have or don’t have Covid-19 at the time of testing.

A Covid Fit to Fly Certificate demonstrates that you don’t have Covid-19, and you are safe to fly.

Covid Recovery Certificate, Covid Recovery Letter, Proof of Covid Recovery, and Proof of Natural Immunity are all similar. They demonstrate that you’ve had Covid-19 before but don’t have it now, and your immune system is likely to fight the re-infection.

A positive test and demonstration of recovery from Covid-19 are needed before acquiring the certificate. It’s presented during your assessment and when travelling. We will require some details from you during the assessment to ensure you are fully recovered from Covid-19.

People who have had Covid-19 usually recover within 11 days. But if you still feel sick, the high chances are that you haven’t recovered yet. The assessment is mainly based on whatever symptoms you may have during the assessment.

There are still some concerns about this as some countries claim the immunity lasts 90 days while others claim it lasts for up to 180 days. It’s recommended that you inquire about this prior to your travel date or before completing your assessment. To ensure that the certificate is valid in many countries, we will include the date of the test in it.

If you’ve not had symptoms for 48 hours, you can apply after 11 days.

If 11 days have passed since you had your first symptoms and feel well, it’s usual to experience shortness of breath after recovery from Covid-19. As long as you have some improvement, your chances of infecting others or getting the infection again are low. This means you can still get a Covid Recovery Letter.

It all depends on the country you are travelling to. While some countries may accept PCR tests only, others will need any other type of test the traveller takes.

A Covid Recovery Certificate is needed for some airlines, events, and visiting certain locations and countries.

Yes. The Covid Recovery Certificate is what you need. Following your recovery from Covid-19, you can still get positive test results for months. It’s advisable to have a medical evaluation if you’ve recovered but still get positive results and not exhibiting any symptoms. This will assess if you’ve completely recovered and are not able to infect others.

You may be eligible for the Covid-19 Recovery Certificate if you are aged 5 years and above (living in the UK) and you have evidence of a Covid-19 test result. The test should be dated between 11 and 180 days after recovery. However, each case is assessed by our qualified medical personnel who will provide the certificate if they feel it’s the safest thing to do. It’s worth noting that the certificate is only valid for 90 days in some countries after the positive test.

You are not eligible for the certificate if you’ve had a positive Covid-19 test within the last 10 days or don’t fit the criteria. Upon recovery from Covid-19, you can go ahead and book an evaluation appointment with us 11 days following your last test or since the last time you had symptoms.

You don’t have to worry anymore as you can do this through our online form in a matter of minutes. The only requirement is proof of a positive Covid-19 test that was done more than 11 days ago. We will need some information before asking you to upload your certificate. If you qualify, you will get your letter in just 90 minutes.

On the other hand, you can book an appointment with us anywhere across the UK if you’d like to have a discussion about your Covid-19 Recovery with our qualified team. We have online consultations that make it easier for you to see Medical Personnel at your preferred time.

You will receive your certificate via email as a PDF within 90 minutes after you submit your certificate and details to us.

You will need to pay £50 for the certificate through our online assessment form.

The Covid Recovery Certificate can be issued to anyone over the age of 5.

You can get your Covid Recovery Certificate within 180 days after testing positive. However, you can’t get it within the last 11 days. Always confirm with your desired destination about the timeframes.

To get the Covid Recovery Certificate, you need not have symptoms for over 11 days. If you were hospitalised, it would take up to 14 days.

Yes. The Covid Recovery Certificate is commonly used for travelling purposes. You need to confirm your airline and destination requirements prior to booking an appointment with us.

It’s advisable to confirm with your country of destination regarding individual rules before you book an appointment with us. This is due to the ever-changing rules and regulations regarding Recovery Certificates as well as the Covid-19 pandemic in general.

Not all airlines accept a Covid Recovery Certificate before travelling because of the constant changes in both airlines and countries. It’s worth checking out the airline you want to use to ensure that they accept a Covid Recovery Certificate before you book an appointment with us. It will play a significant role in avoiding disappointments.

Please check all the updated information regarding the Covid Recovery Certificates and entry to the UK on the government website HERE.

No. We need a laboratory test as evidence. Photos of test kits are not acceptable.

All tests from a certified laboratory containing your name and the date which it was taken are acceptable (it should date the last 180 days). You can use an NHS test result notification screenshot or a PDF from a private laboratory (the date and name must be visible).

Since the letter you get is uploadable to most websites for review, we don’t currently include QR codes. The QR code issued by the government is also produced for your travelling purposes. When travelling, we recommend that you carry the PDF of your letter with you.

Usually, we don’t do this as most of the time it’s not necessary. Get in touch with us if you would like to get your letter via post – an extra charge may apply.

In case you have certain requests, kindly add them to the free text section at the end of your form. We will definitely make the necessary changes if it’s possible.

You can upload any PDF before you complete the application form. You can also upload NHS tests images, but with the below requirements:

For all screen captures and screenshots:

  • The image must capture the whole screen, inclusive of the toolbar at the top that usually shows the time
  • Website screenshots must show the website address
  • App screenshots must contain everything as they appear on the screen at that particular time
  • Text message screenshots must contain all the contents of the screen at the specified time, inclusive of the name and number of the sender

We cannot accept any evidence with any question about its validity. You will be banned from further accessing this service, and no refunds will be issued if there are signs that the evidence and certificates are tampered with.

Our aim is to generate letters that are widely accepted. This will allow you to travel to the United States with Covid Recovery Letters that we produce. However, it’s important first to visit the US government websites for more information. Covid Recovery Certificates (proof of immunity) had the validity of 90 days in the US (not 180) on 17th November 2021. CHECK HERE for more useful and updated information.

Our aim is to generate acceptable letters to allow you to travel to Europe with the Covid Recovery Letters we produce. Nevertheless, consider checking the European Union websites first for more information.

We aim to produce letters that will be accepted so that you can travel to the European Union with our Covid Recovery Letters. But please check the EU websites first. Covid Recovery Certificates (proof of immunity) had the validity of 180 days on 17th November 2021. Lateral flow tests were not acceptable. CHECK HERE for more useful and updated information.

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