January 26, 2022

Japanese Encephalitis – Why You Should Get the Vaccine in Tamworth

Japanese encephalitis is a severe viral infection mostly found in rural regions of Asia. Although the chances of most travellers getting infected may be pretty low, Japanese encephalitis is a dangerous disease that can result in brain infection (encephalitis). While many victims of this condition suffer from a permanent neurological disability, some end up losing their lives. Travelling or backpacking in Asia is exciting. However, it’s important to be aware of Japanese encephalitis on your travels as it is a serious infection. Continue reading to find out how you can protect yourself with the Japanese encephalitis vaccine in Tamworth.

How Does Japanese Encephalitis Spread?

This virus can be spread only through the bite of a mosquito that is infected. It’s important that, apart from receiving a Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, travellers take steps to protect themselves from mosquito bites. This disease cannot be spread from one person to the other.

Japanese encephalitis vaccine Tamworth

Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis

The severity of the symptoms will vary from person to person. Some people may not witness any symptoms after infection, while others may just experience mild symptoms, such as a headache, and fever. However, there are severe cases, where encephalitis may develop, resulting in symptoms such as:

– Neck stiffness
High fever
– Seizures
– Coma and/or death

Where to Get the Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine in Tamworth

The vaccine is administered in two doses in a span of 28 days. If you are planning to travel, ensure that you get the second dose of the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine at least a week prior to the date of travel. Everyone above the age of two months is eligible for vaccination. It’s however not recommended for most pregnant women.

The Japanese Encephalitis vaccine is mostly recommended for persons going for longer trips during the rainy season, or those travelling to the rural parts of the following Asian countries:

– China
– India
– Thailand
– Vietnam

This list is subject to change and it’s recommended that, for confirmation purposes, you consult with your travel agent if your country of destination is not included in the above list.

The vaccine is also recommended for travellers headed to Asia who:

– Plan to be in areas with cases of Japanese Encephalitis for at least a month
– Are planning to spend less than a month in rural areas with lots of outdoor activities
– Visit areas with a recent or current Japanese Encephalitis outbreak
– Are not certain of their plans while there

Japanese encephalitis vaccine in Tamworth

Laboratory workers who are at higher risk of getting infected with JE should also get the vaccine. Children under the age of 3 years receive a smaller dose of the vaccine compared to older persons.

Side effects of the Japanese encephalitis vaccine in Tamworth

The Japanese encephalitis vaccine causes mild and short-term side effects to about 40% of people who receive it.

They include:

– Soreness, swelling, or redness at the area of the injection
– Muscle pain

More serious side effects, like urticarial or hives (raised, itchy red rash), difficulty breathing, or swelling of the face may be witnessed in rare cases.


If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or experiencing fever (high temperature), you should talk to your nurse or doctor before you get the Japanese encephalitis vaccination. It may have to be postponed.

You should not get the vaccine if you had an allergic reaction to it previously.

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